Make your Business Case

Start a business

Make a plan

Do you want to start your own business? Start as a ZZP’er, freelancer, buy an existing company, via a management buy-in or as a part-time entrepreneur. There are many options to start a business and become an entrepreneur. In all cases you need a good business plan (business case). You create your business plan during this course. We handle all parts step by step. At the end of this course you have a complete plan with which you can start immediately or with which you can go to a financier. (The various forms of financing are also discussed from UWV, Bank, Business Angels to Crowdfunding etc.)

The course consists of 5 sessions / evenings and includes material (book and business plan template). The investment is 495 (currently tax deductible in 2019).

Your teacher is Peter Bosman, he is a business administrator, experienced trainer and entrepreneur. He assessed business plans at the IMK. He also had various companies and is the owner of Publimix, a publisher of leading entrepreneurial books.

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